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    My output script keeps popping up a warning on auto save:
    "Autosaving '~PathTree03.sbk' ... [WARNING] Lightmap size had to be increased to 256x256
    > success."

    Looks like SpeedTree is increasing my Lightmap size successfully. However it is a slight worry seeing the WARNING message.
    Is this something to worry about?
    How do I manually change the Lightmap size?

    Any help would be gratefully received


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    That warning is telling you that the size of the lightmap on the tree isn't big enough to pack the tree into, even if every single piece in the tree is only a pixel. So it bumped it up to the next size. In UE4, you need to make sure the lightmap size on that tree is at least that big if you'll be using static lighting.

    But you still may have trouble with that tree when building lighting in UE4 if you haven't looked at the lightmap UVs yet. You're going to want to tune the lightmap to make sure it's well distributed. See this docs page for more information.


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      Thanks Greg,

      That make perfect sense.