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How to select current LOD in modeler?

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  • How to select current LOD in modeler?

    I want to manually optimize each of my LOD levels but do not understand how to select each level. How do I choose level 1 and then optimize as needed, then choose level 2 and optimize etc?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Just to make sure, do you mean in the SpeedTree Modeler or UE4?

    For the modeler, under Tree Properties --> Level of Detail, you can set the number of levels you want. Also, when you select each generator, on the left side the Property controls appear and there will be a group named 'Level of Detail'. The curves are what controls the number of meshes/triangles etc in each generator. Next to the Properties bar, there is a vertical slider with the amount of LOD's you set and you can scroll up and down and see the change in meshes growing/disappearing, etc. If you look at any of the sample trees, you can study how we set 'LOD' up.

    Also, here is the docs page explain LOD:
    And here is the docs page explaining the controls under the 'Level of Detail' group for trunks and branches:
    And for leaves LOD:

    Hope this helps!