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Looking for Method to do Long Cave Roots

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  • Looking for Method to do Long Cave Roots


    I am completely new to speed tree and am having a little trouble getting it to give me the results I need for a kind of unique scene.

    I am developing a game level in Unreal 4 that, for lack of a better term is a cave scene. Along one wall of the cave, there are large "roots" going along the wall and floor (and hopefully a few hanging vines if I can get them to work). At the end of the cave, the roots create almost a staircase effect that the player can climb. I am hoping to use mesh forces to get them to conform to the shape I want.

    The problem I ran into immediately is probably a pretty simple one but I can't seem to get around it. I need these roots to grow length-wise along the cave instead of up-and-down like the standard tree, but I can't seem to get the generator (zone?) to rotate onto the back wall. I have also been trying to get them to grow off of the back wall itself, but they seem to face just about any and every direction except along the right wall. Is the only way to make a tree behind the wall and draw out the roots as branches?

    I would really appreciate anyone's thoughts to a solution that doesn't involve me extruding along 100 curves by hand in Maya!


    Here is a draw over of an old greybox I did if you need some visual
    Click image for larger version

Name:	tinderboxGreybox_speedTreeHelp.jpg
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    Would you mind sending me a zipped SPM file with all the assets, by doing 'Save as with Assets' into a new folder, so I can see how you set up the growth? This way I will be able to help you better.

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      Do you mean the scene assets (wall and things)? I haven't set up any tree assets yet.