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Spiral fronds up a trunk

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  • Spiral fronds up a trunk

    Is there a way to make fronds travel up? Like in a spiraling staircase kind of way. I'm trying to make some mesh fronds travel up a trunk and when using the sink it just takes the fronds a pushs them away from the zone, not upwards. Any help with this would be great! Say you wanted a group of leaves or fronds that travel up a tree in a spiral.


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    First you will want to create a 'Frond' generator that is a child of the 'Trunk' generator. I suggest changing the 'Generation: Style' of the frond generator to 'Absolute Steps'. And adjust the 'Steps' and 'Per Step:Number' to the desired value; such as Steps = 10 and Number = 2. You will notice that the frond are all pointing up, to have them point outwards at an angle, you need to change the 'Start Angle' value from 0. There will already be a swirl rotation around the trunk with this set up, however, you can make it more extreme, or edit it by using Roll:Blue Curve. By adding and moving points on the blue curve of the 'Roll' property under the 'Generations' group, you can control where on the Trunk the fronds will rotate around the trunk spine and how much.

    I hope this helps!