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Detaching a couple of nodes from a generator node

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  • Detaching a couple of nodes from a generator node

    Hello again,

    I have a simple question: Is there any way two detach a certain amount of nodes from a leaf group, having them create a new generator node?

    The reason why I want to do this is because I want the outer leaves to have a higher alpha cutoff than those in the middle, making the tree appear less dense on the edges. The only way to do this I can think of right now is to handpick the nodes I want and apply a differently named material in fact containing the same textures as the original material onto them. That way, when importing them into UE4, those nodes should have a seperate material, shouldn't they?

    Is there an easier way to do this, though? Such as the 3DSMax "Detach"-Function?


    Nicolas Samuel

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    Hi Nicolas,

    Unfortunately, there is no detach or separate nodes option if the leaves are all created the same generator. The process you mention would work but it would take longer and there is also another simpler way to get this effect. For instance, if you were to create two materials in the 'Materials' tab (the one with the normal alpha channel and the other with an alpha channel that is more extreme), you can load both materials in the 'Leaf' generator by selecting the plus icon in the 'Leaves' tab (in the property editor) -> 'Type'. You can use the same meshes and apply different materials to each mesh.

    Then you'll see an option named 'Weight' with a green curve next to it. The curve basically is set by default to work on the node it's attach to (where the left hand point is the base of the spine and the right hand point the tip of the spine), however, on the left hand side of the curve editor there are number controls that dictate how many levels down you want the material distribution applied. Example, if I have a model with a 'Trunk' node -> 'Branch' node -> 'Leaf' node and I want the leaves towards the top of the trunk to have a different material that then the leaves towards the base, then I set the Level to '2' on both of the materials curves. Then the material I want on top curve will be set where the left hand point is set lower to 0 and the right hand point set higher to 1. On the material I want towards the base, the green curve will be reversed, where the left hand point is set higher at 1 and right hand point set to 0.

    I hope this helps!