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Problem with custom meshes and textures,

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  • Problem with custom meshes and textures,

    Hello, i'm new to this forum.

    I'm sorry my issue is probably answered, i did searched for about an hour to find something relevant but i've falied.
    I modeled a simple terrain in 3ds max using a plane and a height map.
    Then exported it as obj for speed tree cinema 7.
    Imported it as a mesh and assigned to "Zone" generator. Enebled the mesh.
    When i assigned the material it tiled in unwanted way.

    I need to mention i,ve tried to export it from 3ds max as: simple plane with displacement modifier.
    the displaced plane converted to editable poly
    the editable poly with unwrap modifier assigned (that mapped the texture corectlly in 3ds max)

    Another problem would be seting units in speedtree cinema to meters as i'm a landscape architect so i need to keep a real scale.

    Thank you!
    Click image for larger version

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    SpeedTree does not change the UV texture coordinates on imported meshes. I strongly suspect that this issue caused by a export error and suggest looking into the export setting. As for the size of the mesh, SpeedTree is unitless. So if you make and export a mesh so that 1.0 = 1 meter then it will come into SpeedTree as the same size.

    I hope this helps!


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      Thank You! I'll try again this time paying more attention to export settings