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Branch intersection weight on subD model

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  • Branch intersection weight on subD model

    Hi all,
    Im currently building a subD tree (one solid mesh) and im struggling with branch intersection texture blending.
    I found this in the doc :

    Branch Intersection Weight

    Since the subD version of the tree is one solid mesh, the material textures of junctions will be more similar a match, which means that the 'Branch Intersection Weight' may need to be adjusted to accommodate.

    Where can i find this parameters?
    Someone can help me?
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    You can find the 'Branch Intersection Blending' property in the Material tab, under the material you want to adjust (such as the bark). Then, you can select the Branch generator you want to tweak the intersected area too, you can edit the 'Branch' -> 'Intersection' -> 'Texture Pull' and 'Texture Density' properties.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for your answer.
      We are having trouble finding those settings in speedtree. Please have a look at our screenshots.
      We have been selecting the branch and looking at the material in Generator or Node edit mode, but can't see "Branch Intersection Blending" in any of those. Same issue for 'Branch' -> 'Intersection' -> 'Texture Pull' and 'Texture Density' properties.

      Note that we are using the Demo version now for evaluation, perhaps those settings are not there ?
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        Sorry for the confusion. It seems the documents you were looking at were for SpeedTree version 7. Here is a link to our version 8 documents:

        The way we do SubD has changed in version 8. You can find the controls for SubD in the 'Skin' section of each generator that uses SubD. Also, you can find more settings in the Global/Tree Properties. But for Intersection, you will want to use the Skin -> Subdivision -> 'Texture Density' setting.

        Here is the documentation page describing the properties, just scroll down to the Skin section:


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          Thank you Sonia.
          That helped.