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Speedtree workaround for 3DS Max 2013 and Unity 4.5

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  • Speedtree workaround for 3DS Max 2013 and Unity 4.5

    Hi guys

    I don't have speedtree experience previously and would like to request some advices from experienced users for which tool/workflow that will fit for our development. I'm currently creating a 3D environment that requires certain plants and trees in Unity 4.5.

    I've downloaded and tested free speedtree samples in unity 5, and they looks awesome So i'm thinking if there are any possibilities to reexport those Unity 5 trees into workable format in Unity 4.5.
    Or maybe any tool that i could use temporary to create trees for unity 4.5?

    Some key features that we like to have in our development are
    - smooth LODs transition
    - Realistic wind animation

    So our strategy would be to buy any trees assets available for our development, and if they are not available, we will purchase speed tree package that suit for unity 4.5, or preferably workable in 3DS Max as well.

    Thank you for reading this and would appreciate your advice regarding the best workflow for our development using speedtree

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    No SpeedTree product will provide LOD or wind animation in any Unity version prior to Unity 5 Beta. SpeedTree for Games may be used to export static meshes for use in Unity 4.5 or 3ds Max. Evaluations of SpeedTree for Games are available, but this is much more expensive software than SpeedTree for Unity.


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      Hi Kevin
      Similar to other speedtree user suggested, i think best solution will be to wait for Unity 5 then.