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  • Invisible Branches

    Have a problem here - Invisible branches.
    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see in the screenshot, there are 4 steps in properties but there are only 3 branches in a render screen. I checked the invisible branch by bunch of leaves on it, as you can see it at the right part of screenshot.
    I have a similar problem in dif situations.
    If i change generation mode from absolute steps to absolute, everything is gonna be alright.

    Help me plz with this issue.

    (SpeedTree Modeler v7.1.0 Unity Sub)
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    In this case, the invisible branches can be caused by 2 things.

    1. 'Level of Detail' (LOD): Under the LOD group, found in the Property bar of the left hand side for each generator, there is a control called 'Branch Volume Threshold'. Make sure the value is '1', and the Green and Blue curve are at 'Max'. If they aren't then this will solve it.
    2. Another reason would be radius size of the branches towards the tip. By default, if a branch is to thin then it gets culled out. In radius, adjust the values and curved to make sure that the branches are not being culled because of being to thin.

    Here is the link to our documentation describing all of this and some other aspects that may contribute to missing nodes.

    Hope this helps!