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Reference image for tracing or drawing

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  • Reference image for tracing or drawing

    Hello All,

    I have yet to find a certain feature: the capability to use a digital photograph (or vector image) to trace or hand draw in the tree viewing area.

    Is there such a capability?

    If so, how where can I find it?

    Can I import an image somehow?

    I am using SpeedTree 8.0.3 for Lumberyard.

    Thank you,
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    P.S. I am using SpeedTree 8.0.3 for Lumberyard.


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      There are two ways you can do this.

      1. Create a Material with the reference photo as the color texture, then create a flat plane mesh for that material using the Cutout Mesh Editor. You can either place the textured mesh into the scene by using a Leaf Generator or drag and dropping it into the scene. If you chose to drag and drop it into the scene as a force mesh, then in the property settings for this mesh force, enable 'Include in Model and assign the material. You may have to alter the scale and rotation.

      2. Another way id to change the background into the reference photo. Go to your 'Window Properties', change the 'Background' -> 'Image' to the reference photo and set your 'Background' -> 'Style' to 'Full frame image'

      Hope this helps!


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        Thank you, SoniaPiasecki!