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Having trouble growing vines on custom Zone Geo?

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  • Having trouble growing vines on custom Zone Geo?

    Hi, I'm trying to grow some vines on the top of wall model I brought in but I can't figure out how to crate the vines from the top of the mesh. I tried manually placing but nothing happens. I brought the model in as a zone.


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    I sent you an email through our support system before I saw this post. I didn't realize you already knew about zones. Here's the text of the email for everyone else's benefit:

    The best way to precisely control where geometry grows from is to use a zone generator with a mesh assigned to it. Here's the step by step:

    1) Make a mesh that you want geometry to grow from and export it as a mesh.
    2) Import that mesh into SpeedTree.
    3) On the Mesh Wizard dialog select "As a surface to grow geometry or proxies from:" then click Ok.

    You should see a zone generator in the Generation Editor at this point. The mesh will already be assigned to it and be visible in the Tree Window. Now just make your spine generators children of the zone instead of the Tree generator. Check out the zone options to control aspects of how the geometry is oriented/distributed on your mesh.

    This approach would require that you make a mesh that is only the top of the wall to use on the zone. You could also use the same mesh for collision force and the zone. You'd need to use a "Terrain" mask on the things growing off of the zone to force them to grow from the top. To do that make a "Terrain" mask on the masks tab that uses "Relative elevation" with a "Min" of something like 0.9 and a "Max" of 1.0. Then, on the generators growing from the zone, make a new mask in the "Generation" group and assign it to the Terrain mask. This setup will force things growing off of the zone to only generate near the top. You may want to check "Adapt to masks" on the zone to help make controlling the frequency easier.

    Hope this helps!