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Nothing appears when importing FBX to Maya

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  • Greg Croft

    First, be sure that your fbx plugin (fbxmaya) is enabled in the plugin manager (same place you enable the SpeedTree plugin). I have seen Maya turn it off sometimes. No idea why, but make sure it's on.

    If you still have trouble, it might be due to the FBX version we use. We use the 2016 FBX SDK, so by default it exports files in that format/version. If you are using software with an older version of the FBX loader, it may not like those files. We recently released an update to SpeedTree Cinema. Be sure to grab that update from In that version, on the exporter dialog for FBX, there is an option for compatibility mode that should make files that can be loaded by older FBX loaders.

    Hope this helps

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  • pekoetea
    started a topic Nothing appears when importing FBX to Maya

    Nothing appears when importing FBX to Maya

    Hello all. As the title says, when I try importing an exported tree into Maya, I get nothing. I have already loaded the plug in. I have tried importing both the FBX and STMAT file to no avail. However, OBJ files import just fine.