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Speedtree Growth Crash

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  • Speedtree Growth Crash

    Hi, I am new to speedtree and am having an issue where Speedtree is crashing when I try to use the growth wizard. The tree I would like to use is the "Oak_White_2_Forest". When I open the tree downloaded from the store and hit the growth wizard, Speedtree immediately crashes. Is there anything I could try to fix this?



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    Hi, sorry for the delay. You have discovered a bug and it will be fixed in the next release. Until then you can try disabling welding (starting with the twigs) on branch generators to keep working. Sorry for the touble!


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      Any ETA on this bug fix? I'm not entirely sure I know how to "disable welding" on the branch nodes. is this the "Welding scalar" slider? just set that to 0? Still pretty new to speedtree. I set that slider to 0 on all branch nodes, but am still getting an immediate crash on enabling growth. I'm using a Sycamore asset from your store. Sycamore 2 Field.


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        This issue has been fixed in the current builds, which you can get by going to the ST store and logging into your account.

        If you have any of the v8 builds, you can disable welding by going to the Branch generator -> Skin group and clicking the checkbox next to the Welding sub-group there.

        Hope this helps!


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          This is not fixed in 8.1.5 I still open up Sycamore_American_2_Field.spm, select all the branch generators and disable welding. I then open the timeline panel and check growth, and after a few seconds Speedtree crashes. Need a fix or workaround ASAP.


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            Can you e-mail us at [email protected]? This way we can help you better.

            Thank you.