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Import animated mesh and customize leaves meshes.

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  • Import animated mesh and customize leaves meshes.

    Hi ,

    It's the first time I use SpeedTree, so sorry by advance if my questions are a bit stupid. I searched everywhere, watched all the tutorials but I didn't find any answers. :/
    I'm working on a project of a magical tree growing with flowers that open. In this tree, I need to put animated cherry blossom opening, and I need to replace leaves by coins meshes.
    I animated my cherry blossom in Maya and I want to add it on my animated tree in SpeedTree. (all the growth animation of the tree will be created in SPT.)
    Is it possible to add animated meshes on a tree? (I tried to export the flower animation as alembic but the flower mesh explosed when I imported it.) Or is it a way to animate a flower opening in SpeedTree and to add it as fronds?

    My other problem is probably more simple but I tried to use my coin mesh (modelisation from Maya) and add it as frond and it didn't work at all. Everytime I drag and drop the mesh on my fronds in the viewport, fronds disappear one by one but no coin mesh visible. (and yes, I have leaves checked in 'Show' menu). I tried with leaf Mesh node too and nothing happened. I redo every steps of the tutorial, but in my case it's not working. Is it possible that my mesh is too complexe? Or maybe is it another way to replace leaves by a different mesh (with a different shape)?
    Here is a screen of my scene, you can see the mesh I did in Maya and that I need to put instead of leaves
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SpeedTree_screen.JPG
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    Thanks a lot for the help, I'm kind of desperate, I feel like I tried everything ahah

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    Unfortunately, You can't import a outside animation into the ST modeler. You would have to combine it all together in the outside program you were using. However, you can pull off a opening flower in the modeler with animated growth. However, the flower mesh has to be created in the modeler itself and the more complex the flower mesh is, the harder it is animate and would probably need node edits. For a tree like in the screenshot you posted, I would recommend using a simple flower mesh so you can avoid intersecting petals. However, this all depends on how close the camera is going to be. Attached below is a SPM with basic flower animated.

    As for the coin and frond question, you need to set the mesh in the Frond -> Material group. The mesh should appear then. Also, make sure that you have a material set up in the Material tab, with the mesh assigned in the material. If you continue to have issues, feel free to send me the zipped file at

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the fast answer, it helped a lot!