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Grass and the SpeedTree tool

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  • Grass and the SpeedTree tool

    hey guys..
    I have a question about the speedtree tool.... Is it possbile to modify a grass model "from the speedtree shop" a way that it fits like between two meshes, it's a bit hard to explain what i mean... What i have is basically a few meshes and what i need is that the grass is like growing between this meshes...

    So is there any way like importing the meshes to the speedtree? or something like a pattern to create the grass that collide with the meshes bext to them....

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    If you have the SpeedTree modeler, then you can import a mesh into the program. Import the mesh through the Mesh tab on the right hand side, and you can place the mesh into the scene by clicking the hand icon in the tab and dragging and dropping it into the viewport. Once you click on the mesh, the menu bar of controls will appear on the left hand side. Set 'Force Action' to 'Avoid' and 'Collide Action' to 'Prune'. Then enable the mesh under the forces tab of the generator nodes creating the grass. This way any grass meshes that collide with the mesh are prune out.

    Here are some pages from the documentations to help you out.
    Import Mesh
    Force Object

    I hope this helps!


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      Thank you for your answer... I just subscriped for the speedtree modeler but i have here some issues with importing my meshes "to align the grass around them"... I bought also the rough grass pack which works fine in UE4 but when after loading the roughgrass in speedtree and importing my mesh, i have some huge size issues... the grass is very little and my imported mesh from max is extrem huge... i cant even see the whole mesh cause it like disapperas when trying to scroll out... The mesh works just fine in UE4...


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        Still no answer? Am i the only one with this problem ???


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          Hey there,

          The SpeedTree Modeler is unitless and therefore our default factor of 1 does not match that of UE4. However, our models are designed with 1 equaling 1 ft. UE4's default for 1 is 1 cm. If you designed the mesh in 3DSMax with that scale factor (1 = 1cm), then you need to adjust the scale of your mesh in the SpeedTree Modeler.

          To do this, once you have your mesh imported into the Modeler, select the mesh in the tree window, go to 'Transform' in the Properties Bar and enter .033 (This is the factor for converting cm to ft, albeit rounded up a smidgen). When you import the tree and mesh into UE4, UE4 will readjust the scale properly.

          Hope this helps.


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            Ok perfect many thanks! Basically i could also export my objects from max to speedtree in ft ? right ?


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              In theory, you are correct. But if you're using .fbx, we know there is a 'units' bug in the importing process. We do have a bug-fix coming, but until we release it you're best bet is to model your meshes in Max so that they import correctly into UE4 and then scale them as needed in the SpeedTree Modeler (as directed above).

              Hope this is helpful.