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surface attraction, growth

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  • surface attraction, growth

    I'm new to speed Tree. so sorry If It is simple question.

    - I have a geometry ( animated in Maya) and I need to grow a plant ( like ivy or flower ...etc) on it (I need to animate its growth).
    and of course I need the plant follow ( attract to) the surface of the model too.
    is this possible with speed tree?

    - hand modeling, does it support growing? I mean, after creating a custom tree, is it possible to make it gradually grow or It is static?

    thank you in advance

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    We do have a growth feature in which you can achieve what you described in the SpeedTree Cinema and Games version of the modeler. Unfortunately, it is not available in another of the other versions. May I as which version you have?
    Here is a page in our docs about animated growth: Growth

    Also, you can import a obj. file of the mesh into SpeedTree and set it as a force (with settings: Force action -> Attract and Collide Action -> Obstruct) for the ivy or flower to interact with the surface of the mesh.

    Here are some links to the docs page to help you out: Mesh Assets and Force

    Hope this helps!