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  • ivy pattern

    Hello everyone,
    couple days ago I'm trying to cover some surface in speed tree...To get ivy pattern!But without success.If I playing with mesh force I get a lot intersection with surface...
    Do I have any options to follow normals of surface and after that add force for eg.down direction???I can scatter leafs with some other tools,this is not problem,but I need anim and interaction with branhes.Should be ideal to do that in speed tree.


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    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to follow the normal surface. By adding more length segments to the vine branches, you may decrease the amount of intersecting that occurs. I suggest using a Zone generator to bundle certain vines together and then use the forces, along with their curves, to get the growth direction you want. As for leaves intersecting, you can you collision to get rid of colliding leaves.

    What exactly do you mean by animating the vines? Wind or growth animation? Which modeler version are you using?


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      Hi Sonia,
      thank you for quick answer.That's exactly what I tried..I used zones to generate parts...I didn't tried yet to use curves for direction like force-If I got it right!About anim I need just wind.
      I tried to do that in 7.11 and 8.Curently I setup scene in 8.But maybe I'll downgrade becuse I need mesh frond.I could find in 8.

      Thank you very,much


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        I can literally bake couple frmaes of anim and scatter that with some software and thats it,but much better control and faster update with speed tree.

        Thank you,


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          Zone generator is the best solution in this case, I rather often used it for similiar issues