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  • Grow around pillar

    Hello again,

    Here's a simple question which I'm almost embarassed to ask: How can I make a spline grow around a pillar? I watched the mesh force tutorials, and here's what I did:

    I'm obviously doing something wrong. However, I cannot figure out what, even after 1 hour of trying. I know it must be something very simple, and I'd appreciate any advice you could give.



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    From the look of the image, it seems that you set everything up just right! To get the spline grown around the pillar, you will have to use forces and their curves. By adding and setting up points in the blue curve of a force (such as Direction, Curl, etc), as well as in the curve of the mesh force of the pillar, you can achieve the wrapped around look. It is about finding the balance among the mesh force and the forces used to spiral and pull the spline up (Direction).

    Here is some documentation about the Forces and Modeling with Curves.

    Good luck!


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      Hello Sonia,

      I'll try that out right away. Thanks!


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        So it took some time after I could get into it again, and I'm still failing, after 45 minutes. I don't know if I am too stupid, but I definitely feel that way. :/

        Isn't there a simple set-up, or a tutorial I could use? I imagine it's a pretty common thing people would want to do, and maybe I'm not the only one wondering.

        In case you're interested: I tried experimenting with Twist, Gnarl, Magnetic, Directional, and mesh forces. But the best I could achieve was a single wrap around the pillar, using a bell curve. I'd really appreciate any advice. Here's a link to my file:

        Thanks in advance and happy new year,