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  • Billboards are blured

    Hi, i've been using speedtree 4 for a while, and now, when it comes to speedtree 6 i've noticed, that all billboards texures have some kind of blur or antialiasing on them. Maybe i've missed some stage of compiler setup? Here's an example billboards in 4 and on 6 speedtre. Both tree using same textures.
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    Be sure to look at the billboard including the alpha channel. For instance, in photoshop copy the alpha channel, paste it into a new layer on top of the color channels, and set that layer to multiply. That will allow you to see exactly what gets rendered.

    But yes, v7 uses antialiasing when rendering billboards, and it also has a different color streaking method based on a gaussian blur instead of simple color streaking. I believe v4 also had an artificial sharpening step that we don't do anymore. The results in v7 are usually much better than in v4.


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      Hi, Greg. So there's no way i can recieve sharp billboard texture like it was back in speedtree 4?
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      Plus, it seems, that no texture normal maps applied to normal billboards, only geometry normals counts, am i right?


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        Like I said, the "sharpness" of the old billboards was artificial. While the texture may look nicer when you open it in photoshop, it wouldn't match the tree when rendering it in the scene at a similar resolution. That being said, your image does look like it's a little more blurry than I would imagine it should. I will log to look into what may be causing that. What graphics card are you using?

        Normal maps are used when rendering billboards if your effect LOD settings have per-pixel lighting at the lowest geometry LOD. The billboards are rendered to match the lowest LOD as much as possible. If you don't have per-pixel lighting at the lowest LOD, then the billboard shouldn't use those normal maps so it matches. See the documentation for more info on effect LOD: