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Branches growing problem on frond mesh.

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  • Branches growing problem on frond mesh.


    We are using speedtree to grow extra branches with leafs on custom mesh. We have kept UV's for obj in 0-1 range. In speedtree we are using frond mesh to import obj file. And then trying to grow branches on it.
    But the main problem is branches are not following surface on mesh. They are growing from center pivot of mesh through out the height. Even few branches are grow up some where from empty area where no contacts frond mesh is available.
    Same problem contineues with leafs. We have followed all steps which are online for same topic.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mangesh Awate
    Anibrain, India.

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    When a mesh is imported into SpeedTree, there is a limited amount of surface information that can be found and used from this mesh. Because of this lack of information, when branches are added, SpeedTree generates the branches around a spine at the center of the mesh, which is why the branches may not exactly follow the surface of the mesh and emerge from the center pivot.

    However, this only occurs on the first level that grows from the mesh object, any other children (branches/fronds/leaves) from the first level will act appropriately. Unfortunately, there is no real quick work around and once the nodes are in the general vicinity, node editing is the best option for getting the nodes in the desired placement.

    Hope this helps!