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Issue with costum Mesh

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  • Issue with costum Mesh

    Hi there,

    I have a problem with a costum GrassMesh (Similar to that in RoughGrass, but without a cutted edge to display the full 0-1 texturespace).

    The problem seems to be a normal problem.

    I use Maya 2015 and even if I change the world up axis to Z (as in Max) the Normals seem to use Y as the up axis...probably this is the reason why some planes are darker than the others.

    Is there a tool in SpeedTreeModeler that allows me to edit the normals (preferable by hand)? Doing it in Maya would be a huge trail and error since I don't see in Maya how it will affect the lighting in Speedtree.

    Could please someone from the SpeedTree Devs or Artists tell me if this issue is actually fixable in the Speedtree Modeler?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GrassIssue.jpg
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    Thanks in advance
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    The grass meshes are set at z-up, however, the normals are adjusted to achieve the best lighting. You can view the normals of your mesh but clicking the 'Show' button, in the tool bar above the the view port, and select 'Normals'. You can then adjust the normals accordingly by editing the controls found in the 'Leaf' generators 'Lighting' group, which is found under the 'Property' window on the left hand side.

    From the photo you posted, I see you are using 'Leaf' Generators: however, for grass I would suggest using 'Frond' generators and under the 'Geometry Types' option, found in the 'Properties' window, enable 'Leaf style fronds'. With this approach, you have better control over the normals and you still can have the same wind as the 'Leaf' generators. To edit the normals with this approach, you just have to select the generator, and you'll find the normal properties for your mesh under the 'Properties' window -> 'Frond' group' -> in a section called 'Normals'.

    Here's our documentation discussing the use of Fronds.

    I hope this helps!
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      yes, that really helps.

      I'll rebuild the grassmesh from scratch following your hints. I guess the problem should be solved then.

      Thanks for your help

      Edit: Cool, worked fine
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