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  • Make snow on trees


    New to SpeedTree.. Looks very promising so far. My goal is to make a winter scene in Unity5. I saw some trees for sale such as the white fir that have snow on them, but not in the Unity section. Some questions, please:

    * how can I add snow to any tree, such as what is shown on the white fir?
    * I'm interested in accumulating snow on the branches, is this possible with some kind of collision objects?

    Any tips or recommendations are welcome.

    Many thanks


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    Unfortunately, we haven't released a UE4 or Unity version of the White Fir. We should have it come out in those versions soon though. The cinema snow version of the White Fir is high in triangle count since the snow clumps consists of high poly count meshes. If this is the approach you wish to take, then just model a snow clump in a 3D program and import it as a leaf generator. Remember though that a leaf generator cannot have another leaf generator as it's child, so it is important to set up the leaves as a frond and the snow clumps as leaves.

    However, if you look at the Scots Pine and the Colorado Blue Spruce, the snow was made by making a bumpy plane that sat on top of the leaf mesh (consisting of branch with needles). Then place the leaf map shape as the snows alpha so the snow will line up with the leaf map.

    This technique helps prevent flatness on the leaf meshes and adds more reality because when you view the leaf mesh from above, you'll see the snow, and from below, you'll see the original leaf map with out snow. It gets a bit tricky though, because the snow texture and the leaf map texture have to be in the same image, so you'll have to line UV's up with mesh and combine the 2 textures in an image editing program.

    As for accumulating snow of branches, you can set collision capsules along the branches and export it. However, the more collision objects you add to the tree will make the tree file larger and slowly when in Unity.

    I hope this helps!