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Unity Collision and Speedtree LOD:

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  • Unity Collision and Speedtree LOD:

    Thanks, SpeedTree Team for this time saver tool.

    How collision work in Unity using Speedtree 7?
    I put a sphere and capsule collider in Speedtree 7. I export and save my game tree .spm to Unity 2018.
    Speedtree makes a LevelOfDetail for me that includes the two "CollisionObject" within the collider component.

    By default, the colliders are active in all LOD and including the billboard far away?

    In my game, I wish that my colliders are active only in LOD 0 (when the tree is near)
    How to make the tow colliders active only when LOD0 is visible?
    Do I need to drag and drop my two colliders manually to LOD0 or the .spm component manege the colliders?