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Custom Meshes for Nodes with SpeedTree 5.0.2 UDK?

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  • Custom Meshes for Nodes with SpeedTree 5.0.2 UDK?

    Good day, I need to import a custom mesh for part of my tree, the trunk in this case. I came across this post:
    However, I cannot figure out how to tell a frond node to use a mesh asset I imported (an asset exported from 3DS Max with the script utility). I ran a search in the manual for "mesh fronds" and "mesh zones" but could not find anything. I am using the UDK build of SpeedTree modeller 5.0.2. Such a thing is possible in this build I hope? If so, what must I do use a custom mesh?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Select any spine generator and check "Frond" in the "Geometry Types" group near the top (you probably want to uncheck branches). Then, in the "Materials" group you should see an entry for "Frond". Use the combo box labelled "Geometry" to select the mesh asset you imported.

    Hope this helps!


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      Ah, thank you. That answered my question perfectly.