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  • SpeedTree for Unity 7.1.7

    Hello everybody.

    I'm posting on the forum because I am a little bit lost.. ^^
    We recently chose to use speetree (which is awesome! ) in our production pipeline and im lost regarding the optimization process.
    Indeed I find nothing about how to make atlases of my textures or create bilboards and stuff like that.

    Is it possible with speedtree for unity or do we have to use the compiler? Have tou access to speedtree compiler with speedtree for unity?

    Thank you very much!

    Have a great day!

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    OK i found the way to create billboard and LODs. But nothing about texture Atlas.


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      SpeedTree for Unity optimizes the geometry, makes texture atlases, and renders billboards every time you save. You don't need to run the Compiler directly.

      Hope this helps


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        Hi! Thanks for your fast answer!

        Oh i understand now, It atlas only not tiling texture. Does that mean that you cant atlas bark and leafs together for exemple?
        And, Is there a way to combine multiple trees and plants in the same atlas?

        Sorry im a real noob with speedtree hahahah

        Thank you!


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          Things that wrap UVs can't go in the atlas, so you are correct that branches and leaves can't be merged. And there currently isn't a way for multiple trees to be merged into the same atlas with Unity. (though that doesn't necessarily end up rendering faster anyway)

          The next version, SpeedTree 8 for Unity, will have a few ways to do these things.


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            Ok thank you, Everything is a bit clearer now.
            The thing is that i need to reduce batches in untiy (its for a mobile game). So i need to avoid multimaterials. And i dont know how to do this with speedtree. I always get multi material even if i only save thrunk and branches that use the same material.

            Is it possible to open .spm in max? The thing is that i dont need all the features like wind, LODs transition etc. I need speedtree for speedup my modeling process. So at the end i only need a mesh (fbx, obj etc). Is there a way to do this?

            Sorry, its really new for me hahaha

            Thnak you so much!


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              You are most likely seeing a second material for branch seam blending. In the Modeler, uncheck this option on the branch material, and you'll save a draw call.

              The subscription versions of the Modeler do not support exporting static meshes.


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                Do you think that we should migrate to Speedtree for Game instead of Unity? Because it seems that we need the features of SpeedTree8

                Thank you.


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                  Ok i will try this. Thank yoiu!