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How to decrease polygons.

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  • How to decrease polygons.

    Hello, I'm using SpeedTree 8 for UE4 now.
    Which is very good.

    I think I have a problem now.
    I watched some tutorial videos and I was trying to make a new tree from scratch.
    But after that, it looks there are so many polygons.

    Or is that the proper volume of polygons?
    I will use this tree for making game and in real-time.

    I found the segments tab and it looks I can decrease polygons of trunk and branches.
    But there is no tab for leafmesh. (I set the leafmesh as two-sided already.)

    How do I decrease polygons in proper way?
    Could you help about this?

    Thank you.

    I watched these tutorials (these are for CINEMA though,)
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    You are correct in using the 'Segments' group to decrease the triangle count in the Trunk and Branches generators. It is hard to tell from the picture, but it looks as though you could decrease them more in the upper branches. Also, for the leaves, you set the High, Medium and Low resolutions of the leaf mesh in the Cutout Editor.

    However, since you are making a game tree, I suggest making leaf clusters for the upper twig and leaves. Here is a link to the v7 documentation that discusses how to make them and there is a tutorial video. While it is for v7, the concept is still the same. This should save you a lot of triangles.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi, Sonia.
      Thank you for the quick reply.

      Oh I see.
      So using the "Segements" group to decrease the triangles for Trunk and Branches.

      And making leaf clusters, that's the way to save a lot of triangles for twig and leaves.
      I understand, I will try again.

      Thank you very much.