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Performance issues w/ lightmass

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  • Performance issues w/ lightmass

    I am experiencing rather large frame rate hits on Speedtree's with baked lighting but only when I am close to the tree. As I approach a tree my frame rate tends to drop by around 30-40 fps. This happens with not only my own custom trees but also default Speedtree models I purchased for UE4.

    My scene is quite foliage heavy so light builds do take some time which I am used to but I wouldn't expect such large hits for trees. Also It's very strange that it only occurs when the tree is close to camera, filling the frame. I have also tried limiting the tree to it's lowest LOD and still this happens.

    Does my level have too much foliage for lightmass to be efficient or something?

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    Are your lightmap resolutions very large? You could try tuning them to a smaller size, if possible.

    Admittedly, we don't have a lot to do with the actual rendering in UE4, we just touch it here and there. You might get some better insight by asking on Epic's forum or answerhub.

    But to attack it from a more general perspective, do you have the same problems when not using built lighting? Anything that has lots of overdraw (ie pixel cost) that covers lots of the screen is going to start hitting your framerate. Simplifying your materials, removing polygons from the interior of the tree to help overdraw, and drawing trees/plants with less density can all help.