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Speedtree 8 for Unity beta?

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  • Speedtree 8 for Unity beta?

    This week, Unity dropped the first beta for version 2018.2.0, which I understand will contain the necessary terrain engine support under the hood when released so that the long-awaited update to the Speedtree modeler for Unity can be released.

    No, I don't think any of the terrain engine updates have been added in that initial release, but it does get me to wondering... At some point during the beta cycle (now and when it's released in August), will subscribers get the opportunity to start testing and playing with the Speedtree Modeler 8 for Unity? This would give us the opportunity to not only do some testing and learning on the new modeler, but also start working on updating and creating our own original content, and possibly also start purchasing ST8 models that we can use to create/modify content.. with the ultimate goal of when Unity 2018.2/Speedtree 8 for Unity eventually release, the modeler app can be the best (and most tested) app that it can be and there can be as much great PBR content out there as possible?

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    Bump (and very weird to see the spambot cloning my original post in a separate thread)... based on the release notes from the Unity 2018.2 beta (now at beta 9 btw), I am concerned that Speedtree 8 may not be coming to Unity until the end of 2018 (with the release of 2018.3) at the earliest. Three months have now gone by since GDC, with nothing more official than a couple nebulous posts on social media. Has any kind of agreement been reached? Is there a timetable for release?

    I am about to start a couple different environment build projects that I hope to realize and complete in the fall. With there being no planned upgrade path for Speedtree 7 assets, I can not justify spending another dime on ST7 assets and there is no timeline for ST8 being an option. Is it time to move on, and then maybe reconsider coming back in the future (if the software released last year ever finds its way to Unity)?s


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      At this point our studio is assuming Speedtree has decided to discontinue support for Unity moving forward (actions speak louder than words), so we've moved on.


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        Yeah, the lack of response to a seemingly reasonable question feels a lot like abandonware (or at the least, total disregard for customers).

        And for the sake of updating the conversation, Unity released 2018.2.0 earlier this week with no mentions of Speedtree (and there's nothing on the Unity roadmap to suggest it will be coming before 2019). What a shame, I really enjoyed using the modeler.


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          It is not abandoned. We have submitted the code changes for importing SpeedTree 8, but unfortunately we have to fit into Unity's timeline for QA and release.

          And SpeedTree 7 still works, and will continue to work even once v8 support is released, so you are not at risk of losing anything.


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            Unity announced SpeedTree 8 support for Unity 2018.3 -

            In 2018.3 SpeedTree v8 assets (*.st files) are recognized and imported using SpeedTree importer:
            A new SpeedTree8 shader is used by the generated materials.
            Supports per-LOD approximated sub-surface scattering effect.
            Supports top-down billboards.
            Supports back face lighting.
            Improved vertex shader performance.


            Do you plan to release SpeedTree 8 for Unity at the same time? Or maybe there is a chance to subscribe before the Unity 2018.3 (maybe when the 2018.3 beta will be available) release date so people can start learning new features and preparing their assets?

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