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Speedtree Unity displacement?

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  • Speedtree Unity displacement?

    Hi! I'm actually working on Speedtree for Unity and I can't find a way to make my tree deform as I want. I try to do a bamboo and I want to do all the lines like the picture on this link:

    If someone know the way, it's been hours since I try to find a way. Thanks!

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    Hello You're looking at a Cinema model that has a lot more polygons in the stalks to allow for that smooth bump.
    It's done by loading in a displacement map. This is under Window>Assets>Displacements. You load in the map and then head to the generation properties>branch>displacement and make sure the source is set to "use material". It can be done inside Speedtree for Unity but on a game tree you'll have a hard time lowering the polygon count this way. For a game tree, you'd probably need to create that normal texture with a horizontal line.
    Click image for larger version

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