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Dynamic LOD Troubles in Speedtree Cinema 8.0.2

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  • Dynamic LOD Troubles in Speedtree Cinema 8.0.2

    Hello, I cannot for the life of me get the dynamic LOD to take any effect, it looks different in my UI than it does on online tutorials, why doesn't it work?? It's completely missing from the root general properties and in the individual nodes, there's no check box to enable and the knobs don't do anything. Thanks!!

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    SpeedTree Cinema does not have a concept of LOD. Instead, it has the resolution functionality ( You can do a lot more with resolution to change the tree, but it does not allow for smooth transitions between the levels.

    Some of the LOD properties for it are still visible in case you move a tree between Cinema and Games versions.

    If you require LOD, then you will want to look into one of the Games versions of SpeedTree (Games, UE4, Unity, etc).