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Noob Q: UE4 Demo trees... textures, wind....

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  • Noob Q: UE4 Demo trees... textures, wind....

    I'm posting this realizing it's probably come up a bunch, but a search turned up a lot of hits, but not the answers I'm looking for...

    I downloaded the demo tree set to evaluate in UE4.

    There was no readme, so I figured I'd just import everything - seemed to work fine.

    However, when dragged into place in UE, the textures are missing. I see them all, but if I open the mesh, there are only unnamed slots for the tree.

    I'm also quite uncertain about how to get wind "working".

    Any help appreciated.

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    Did you tick the box for "create materials" in the import dialog? This will create the textures and materials.

    You will also need to do this to get wind working. Be sure to tick "vertex processing" which will add the SpeedTree nodes to the material. Then, you'll need to add a wind actor to the scene. See the following documentation section for more information:


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      Thanks! Sorry, been out of town all week.

      Ok, got the tree in, checked create materials, checked vertex processing, added Wind Directional Source, but wind isn't doing anything...

      [edit] Nevermind, I see a Wind checkbox for import also. That did the trick.