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Multiple meshes with Leaf Mesh Generator

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  • Multiple meshes with Leaf Mesh Generator


    I'm pretty new to Speedtree and I'm having issues with the Leaf Mesh Generator.

    I have an atlas of grass elements and I have created cutout meshes for each blade with the cutout mesh editor. However I can't seem to find an option in the leaf mesh generator for including different meshes.

    I know I can include multiple materials and change the default mesh in them to get the same effect but then the atlas generated on export duplicates the atlas I started with, leaving me with 4 copies of the same blades in the atlas.

    I opened up some older example trees and the option is there in the old "Leaves" generator for adding multiple meshes. Why have the "Meshes" and "Cards" tabs been removed from the new leaf generator?

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    Are you using SpeedTree Cinema or one of the games versions of SpeedTree (UE4, Unity, etc)?

    Duplicating the material is how you would do this currently. This should be fine for game exports, but for static mesh exports this does duplicate the atlas. We have improvements coming in this area, though. We will be adding the ability to assign multiple meshes to the same material in the next version, however, that should alleviate this situation.

    Why have the "Meshes" and "Cards" tabs been removed from the new leaf generator?
    Mixing and matching meshes and materials is pretty rare. Meshes almost always only work with one material (though with a pre-made atlas as you are using, you may have multiple meshes for one material). Having tighter coupling between meshes and materials lets us do things like material sets, season changing, resolution switches, etc. without requiring the user to maintain the connection of material and mesh in multiple places around the Modeler. The one place it breaks down is with pre-made atlases, but like I mentioned, we'll get this right too.


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      Hi, I'm using SpeedTree 8 for UE4.

      Good to know these things are on the list, thanks for clearing that up!


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        With a game export, you would not get duplicated atlases when you duplicate the material. Each mesh would cut out its UV space, and then these pieces would be put together in the final atlas, leaving behind everything that you didn't cut out. (unless you have two meshes cutting out the same piece of the orig atlas)