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Question before buying.

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  • Kevin Meredith
    Hi, thanks for asking about this. I have some questions that would be easier to discuss via email. I will try to reach you today.

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  • Recon
    started a topic Question before buying.

    Question before buying.

    I noticed if someone wanted to buy the node locked Windows version of Speed Tree Cin. Its $1600. Which is fine, but what confuses me, is that it shows Perpetual, 1 Year, 6 Month, 3 Month So does this mean, it can no longer be used?? I know most allow you to still use the software, but no longer get updates....I hope thats the case.... Please let me know. before buying this.

    Also, I know on the Sub version, we are not able to edit a tree, or anything meaning split meshes into two or more for tree falling. and such.. So is the Perpetual are you able to??

    Thanks for any info, I like this info from the developers only please. to confirm. This is a lot of money, to spend, and I want to be sure.