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Speedtree 8 for Unity beta?

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  • Speedtree 8 for Unity beta?

    his week, Unity dropped the first beta for version 2018.2.0, which I understand will contain the necessary terrain engine support under the hood when released so that the long-awaited update to the Speedtree modeler for Unity can be released.

    No, I don't think any of the terrain engine updates have been added in that initial release, but it does get me to wondering... At some point during the beta cycle (now and when it's released in August), will subscribers get the opportunity to start testing and playing with the Speedtree Modeler 8 for Unity? This would give us the opportunity to not only do some testing and learning on the new modeler, but also start working on updating and creating our own original content, and possibly also start purchasing ST8 models that we can use to create/modify content.. with the ultimate goal of when Unity 2018.2/Speedtree 8 for Unity eventually release, the modeler app can be the best (and most tested) app that it can be and there can be as much great PBR content out there as possible?

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