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Custom vertex normals for foliage. (UE4 version)

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  • Custom vertex normals for foliage. (UE4 version)

    So, I used to transfer vertex normals of a sphere or something similar to the foliage of trees, bushes etc. this to reduce odd looking normals in fronds and give it a nice smooth spherical lighting. Now since I cannot export to Maya from the UE4 Speedtree version to do this, how would I get a similar result without having to mannualy adjust every frond myself?

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    Well, depending on whether you are working with fronds or leaves, there are a couple of options for you to alter the normals and not have to individually change each one. In the toolbar at the top, go to the Show button and select the Normals option. This will allow you to see the normals.
    If you are working with a Frond, then the select the Frond Node and in the Properties Toolbar go to the Materials tab. Here you can alter the normals with the Alignment and Spread Controls.
    If it is a Leaf Node, then the controls for altering the normals are located in the Node's Property Toolbar underneath the Lighting Tab with the Global Anchor, Global Smoothing, Local Smoothing and Card Smoothing Controls.

    Here are some links to documents that may help you. I hope this helps you!