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  • LOD output questions

    Hi, i am working on fixing my masters thesis, lost most of it in a massive data loss, but that is neither here nor there. I saw that speedtree supports LOD output, i was hoping i could ask some questions about it before i look into getting funds together for it, assuming there is a student version.
    So my project isnt a games project, but the LOD output functionality would be very useful, my primary renderer is Renderman, and it has very robust LOD support. So lets say i have a high rez beauty shot of the live oak, tons of polys, built for the close up shots, but the same tree will be in the background along with other trees. What type of geometry is output in the LOD data set, if i were to output lets say 3 or 4 LOD points, could i use that data set to generate 4 versions of a FBX that has the same animation? If so, that would be pretty fantastic because PRMan's LOD rocks, it does a very cool dynamic procedural read based on how much pixel space the object takes up on on screen and only loads the detail needed for whatever bucket ir is currently rendering, along with that it does a cool opacity shift between the geometry so there isnt a pop.
    Sorry for the rambling post, pretty stoked about discovering that there is a cinematic version of Speedtree.

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    LOD is only part of SpeedTree for Games currently. Basically you specify what drops out with the "Level of Detail" properties on each generator/node. When exporting to a static mesh, you'll only get discreet LOD models, but if you use the SpeedTree SDK, parts will grow/shrink to smoothly change between LOD levels.


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      So if I understand you correctly. I tell st games what LoD settings I want, run the exporter, I can in theory get 3.fbx files that share the same animation, then I can bring that data set into maya and generate the files needed for PRMans LOD functionality. Don't need the SDK, that is what Renderman is for


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        Yes, if you use the Games Modeler. The Cinema and Studio versions do not have automatic LOD.


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          That is great! I was checking out the versions, I assume because games is a super set of the other two, can geometry in quads be exported as LoD? Sorry for all the questions, just excited at the idea of not having to model and do all of the stuff to animate hero trees.


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            Yes, the games version has all the other features.

            Please contact [email protected] for specific purchasing questions