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Unity 5 - Remove Billboard LOD

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  • Unity 5 - Remove Billboard LOD

    I need to have a top down view of my scene from far enough away that the billboard LOD prevents the trees from showing. Can I remove or disable that in Unity? Or will I need a use the editor? Please advise, thanks.

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    I'm not sure I understand the question. What do you want to remove?

    You can edit the LOD settings for a tree within Unity, all the way to culling the tree completely.


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      In Unity, you can drag the LOD slider so that your lowest LOD before the billboard remains visible until it's culled.

      Click image for larger version

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      That's what Greg is talking about.

      If you want to actually have a point where the trees are effectively missing from the terrain in the billboard LOD, you can edit the billboard atlas in something like Photoshop. Once your tree is saved out of SpeedTree, open *yourtree*_Atlas_Billboards.tga in an image editor, make the image all black and make the alpha channel all black. Just save the file, don't rename it. I also edited the _Atlas_Billboards_Normal.tga to be all light purple, which is probably not necessary, as Unity will correct that file when you import it anyway. This will make the tree disappear when the billboard LOD is active.

      Hope this helps,

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        Thank you for your replies. The attached image shows the problem on a test scene I set up. By adjusting the sliders as suggested I can fix this problem. But by default I would typically remove a component that I didnt ever plan to use, even though that one planes effect on performance is probably negligible. I use a my own mesh for terrains so I was originally excited about being able to take advantage of billboards. If they provided a full 180 degrees (top down) functionality and looked a little better, they would be great. They might just need more contrast to give the appearance of depth.
        In reference to my original question, it looks to remove components I will need to use the editor. For example, I only need a box collider on the trunk and would remove the others. Which is fine, I planed to try it out and randomize the trees I have anyway. Thanks again.

        Click image for larger version

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