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Is it possible to share textures across tree variations?

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  • Is it possible to share textures across tree variations?

    I'm having some difficulty with SpeedTree's implementation inside Unity. Right now, I have about 5 variations of about 10 different trees, but each tree is generating new textures rather than the atlas to be used across all of the variations of that same tree type. Am I doing something wrong? Because there must be a way to handle this since it's quite taxing on the hardware and storage requirements.

    I've been watching videos and users are able to open the SpeedTree compiler and generate what they need through there but mine isn't working at all and through a bit of lurking, apparently it's just a background process?

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    The art pipeline for Unity restricts what you can do a bit. So you don't run the Compiler directly when using the Unity version. You are correct, it is running in the background whenever you save.

    If your trees are just variations, you can still share textures or even materials between them. You'll just need to manually set that up in Unity after import. The texture atlas will need to be the same for each tree. As long as that is the case, you can swap out the materials in one of the variations with the ones in the main tree. Then delete the unneeded duplicates. The billboard atlas texture/material will still need to be different for each variation, however.