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Is it possible to change handedness in the Modeler?

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  • Is it possible to change handedness in the Modeler?

    I know the Compiler can (looks grayed out, how can I enable it?), but it's better to be able to do it in the Modeler.

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    Since it's grayed out for you, I'm guessing you're using the UE4 version, which is specifically designed to work with UE4.

    So I have to ask why you want to do this.


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      Both UE3 and UE4 have a left-handed coordinate system. SpeedTree Modeler has a right-handed coordinate system.

      Models exported from UE3 appear mirrored in SpeedTree Modeler. Maybe exporting the models to UE4 will switched back to the original UE3 appearances (mirrored + mirrored).
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        UE4 does not have this problem


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          I see UE4 has this problem. Modeler and UE4/UE3 are mirrored. I have to imagine Modeler's -X axis is UE4's +X axis to get non-mirrored results.


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            UE4 does not have this problem, as far as I can tell. See the image below. In the Modeler, the branches twist counter-clockwise up the trunk. They do the same in UE4. If the X axis were flipped, the branches would twist the other way (clockwise) up the trunk.

            Click image for larger version

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            Could you post a screenshot of the problem you are seeing?


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	Handedness.jpg
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              Not a real problem, visually could be the same, just remember to orbit the view so that X axis directions in both viewports are opposite.

              Trees are organic and it's hard to recognize tree object's direction, the artists were confused seeing the "exported trees from UE3" in Modeler, then further confused in UE4, especially considering the top view is rotated clockwise by 90 degrees from UE3 to UE4.
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                Oh, I agree that the coordinate system in UE4 is different. That's what you're seeing with the different axes in the screenshot.

                But we already take that into account. The tree itself is correct.