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  • Two Sided Materials

    I've managed to create a leaf mesh from a material using the General Mesh tool, and ticked the box to make it two sided,
    but how do I assign a separate material to each side?

    On a separate issue, if I apply a jitter to the two sided leaf mesh, both back and front meshes will jitter
    very differently which kind of kills the idea of having a two sided leaf mesh in a lot cases. Is there a way
    to apply an equal jitter to both front and back meshes??


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    Each mesh only gets one material, so there is no way to have a different material on the front and back of a single mesh.

    However, you could have a mesh that has a texture that wraps all the way around with something different on the front and back. You can make this in a third party modeling tool like max or maya. Or, creative use of the export unwrapped mesh functionality in the SpeedTree Modeler could produce the same result. You would use two meshes (one of them flipped) back to back with different materials on each.

    I see what you mean about jitter on a two sided mesh. Jitter moves vertices in the direction of their normal, so the different normals are messing with it. Usually jitter is used to break up the monotony of leaf meshes. Two sided meshes are usually used for fronds as individual leaves. I'm not sure we've ever used those two things together. I will log to look into it.

    If you just want to add some depth to the mesh, did you try the z-offset in the generate mesh dialog? That often helps a lot.


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      Thanks for your help Greg,

      I work in landscape design, and there are a lot of exotic tropical plants in my part of the world, and quite a few have leaves with different colours on each side. Jitter seemed to work really well in terms of adding variety to leaf shapes and it would seem to make sense to have this feature available for two sided meshes as well.

      It would be great to see some smooth functionality in Speedtree that deals directly with plants that have varied colours on each side of leaves or flower petals etc. Overall, Speedtree is an amazing and reliable package, it just needs a few minor workflow tweaks such as this.

      thanks again.