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Randomize - This action will result in the loss of ### edit nodes

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  • Randomize - This action will result in the loss of ### edit nodes

    When Randomizing trees, I get the message "This action will result in the loss of ### edit nodes". Is that a bad thing? Do I want to preserve those? What is a good workflow for randomizing trees? Thanks.

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    The message is just warning about node edits that have been done to the tree will be lost. Once you randomize a tree, it will clear any of the node edits. I wouldn't worry about that though because randomizing the tree will create various different versions so any node edits are not needed.

    As for work flow, on the trunk and main level branches, you can add variances to certain properties to get more of uniquely different tree. Properties such as, 'Bifurcation', 'Spine Length', Generation -> 'Steps', 'Radius', 'Break Chance', etc. To add the variance, you need to click on the '+/-' icon next to the property you want to add it too. Basically, the way a variance works is that the value you enter for the variance, for example purposes let's say .20, it will add and subtract that from the value that is set for said property.

    Once you get a randomized tree that is close to some thing you like, then you can edit some of the properties to get it exactly to your likings.

    Hope this helps!