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  • Saving trees

    I'm randomizing trees. When I save one it takes several minutes and seriously bogs down my PC. The 16mb atlas has 2 small leave clusters and a branch end. And I have unchecked "Make Billboard", but it is baking Billboard Atlasses. Is there a way to reduce the atlass size and share materials with similar trees. Thanks.

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    if you are using one of the subscription versions, the slow part of saving is most likely the computation of the lightmap UVs. If you switch to the lightmap render mode (leftmost button in the tree window toolbar), then you'll probably see a similar slowdown. This speed of this step is totally dependent on the number of nodes in the tree, but roughly you can correlate it to the number of polygons in the tree.

    If it is taking a very long time, you most likely have a tree that is too detailed to work well in real-time anyway. That being said, we've made some improvements in this area that will be available soon.

    And I have unchecked "Make Billboard", but it is baking Billboard Atlasses
    It still has to call the compiler and make the texture atlases. That is what it is doing when it pops up the dialog.

    share materials with similar trees
    With the UE4 version, you can run the Compiler directly and put multiple trees in the same atlas.