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Purpose of subdivision surfaces in games?

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  • Purpose of subdivision surfaces in games?

    So, curious question, why have an option for subdivision surfaces in speedtree unity if you cannot export obj's in that version of speedtree?. Is there another use for subdivision surfaces i'm missing? I thought they are meant for high rez sculpting and normal bakeing no? it seems kind of flaunting to show a feature that you cant really use in this version.

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    Hey there,

    Subdivision is a valid modeling technique. It works well for modelling some kinds of trees. It allows for watertight branches and real time tessellation. And the Modeler will compute and save the subdivision surfaces in the tree model for use within Unity. We have documentation here and here, if you want to learn more about using Sub-D in SpeedTree. And since you have access to the Unity Modeler, it never hurts to experiment! You may find that you appreciate what the Sub-D option has to offer.

    Hope this helps.