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issues in using mobile trees with UE4

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  • issues in using mobile trees with UE4


    I am considering to buy the Mobile Tree Package (UE4), but before I wanted to make a few tests with the free UE4 trees that you provide, that include mobile versions. While the trees can be imported and render ok in UE4 Editor, they do not work when launching the application on the mobile device (iOS device, iPad Air with iOS 8.4). More specifically, I can only see the trunk of the tree with a grey color, like if no material was applied to it.

    Any suggestion?

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    Hey there,

    We haven't seen this issue crop up with iOS developers. Perhaps post your query on the UE4 Answerhub to see if anyone else is experiencing trouble.



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      Hi, thanks for the answer.

      I posted in the UE4 answer hub a few days ago, with no replies so far.

      However, the issue is quite simple to reproduce: open UE4, create a project using the first-person blueprint template, import a mobile tree (I tried with broadleaf),
      put it anywhere in the scene, launch on the device. This is what I get:

      Click image for larger version

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      This with the latest UE4, 4.8.3, Mac OS X Yosemite, Iphone 6 / iPad Air with IOS 8.4
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        No answers? I understand august is probably not the best period for such kind of question, but can anyone from speedtree try to reproduce the bug following the steps I have listed? It should take no more than 10 minutes if you have a mac and an iOS device at hand.
        I cannot consider any purchase of speedtree products unless this issue is clarified..


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          Hey there,

          Looks like someone over on the UE4 AnswerHub figured out a way to get the textures to show up properly on iOS.