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Unity 5 atlas and texture questions

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  • Unity 5 atlas and texture questions

    1. Is it possible to stop SpeedTree from atlasing? Would be useful for testing
    2. Is there a way to control what materials get atlased together? Often I get single materials in an atlas when they could easily be grouped
    3. In the modeler preview can texture filtering be turned off? The textures we're using are pixel art style so point filtering would be better
    4. Just going to piggy back this here but anyone have any idea what could be causing these weird cone shapes? It's on a mesh fond

    Click image for larger version

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    1) Currently, no. We have logged this request before, though.

    2) You can run the SpeedTree Compiler directly. With it, you can compile trees together into the same atlas and adjust texture sizes. This is especially useful if you have multiple variations of the same tree and do not want unique atlases for them all since the textures will be duplicated.

    EDIT: Oops, I missed that you're using the Unity version. In that version you cannot run the Compiler directly. To achieve more optimal variations, you can switch out the atlases once you import the trees into Unity so they share them. But there is no way to edit the placement of textures in the atlas.

    3) There is not currently an option for this.

    4) Those look like caps to me, with no material applied. Select the spine generator and disable the cap geometry. If there is now a hole at the end of the branch, edit the radius profile curve to make sure the right hand side of the curve is at 0.

    Hope this helps