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Weeping Willow Trouble

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  • Weeping Willow Trouble

    Hello! Is there any option in speedtree to direct growth of leaf mesh vertically toward the ground? Forces doesn't help at all so far. I have to manualy adjust orientation for each leaf mesh and it's painfull. It just seems like it shouldn't be that way. (SpeedTree 8 Cinema ed.)

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    For a leaf cluster like this, I would recommend adding a Branches generator and then a Frond generator. You would then get the hanging shape you want with the branches and assign the leaf material to the Frond generator, which would then adhere to the shape of the branch. You would use the Branch generator -> 'Spine: Gravity' property to get the hanging look. You want to make sure there are enough segments or triangles in the leaf mesh so that it can bend with the branch. Once you have the look you want, you can then select the Branch generator, go to the 'Skin' group and set 'Type' from 'Polygons' to 'Spine Only'. This will hide the branch skin and just leave the spine.

    I am attaching a screen shot of how the Generation editor would look like.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	hangingtexture.JPG
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    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Sonia,
      I encountered same challenge. Do you have any advise how to make leaves hanging down, but for low poly willow tree this time?
      Branches (which are used as splines for fronds) are not an option (I guess i can hide them and this way not export), as I'm aiming to make under 2000 tris tree.

      Fronds are the way to do. Thanks

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