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Unity 5 Material naming conventions

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  • Unity 5 Material naming conventions

    Hi I was wondering if there was a way to name the materials before Speedtree outputs them to unity. Currently there are multiple types of trees in the scene with material names such as branches_x, meshes_x, and Leaves_x. As more trees are added it's becoming harder to find specific materials.

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    Currently, no. The name of the material itself is currently <geometry type>_<draw call Index>.

    However, they are in a folder named the same as the tree. The atlas textures are also named the same as the tree. So if you searched for something like "broadleaf materials" you would get the folder with the materials for that tree.

    The only way to have unique names would be <tree>_<lod>_<geometry type>_<draw call index>. I can log to look into using that, though that name is starting to get a bit unwieldy.