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SpeedTree modeler 6.1.0 and Unity 5

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  • SpeedTree modeler 6.1.0 and Unity 5

    Can trees created in SpeedTree modeler v6.1.0 be used in Unity 5? Or is the specific SpeedTree for Unity Subscription required?

    I have tried saving the assets created in our licensed version of ST6 into our Unity projects. The following error is reported: "SpeedTree file does not contain run-time data. Be sure to re-save it using the Unity-specific version of the SpeedTree Modeler"

    It would be great to compile our existing library of Speedtree assets for use in Unity.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey there,

    I'm afraid you'll need to get the SpeedTree for Unity Modeler in order to accomplish what you're attempting. There is no other way to get Unity run time data into your trees. But once you get the Unity Modeler, it would just be a matter of opening up each of the trees in your library in the Unity Modeler and saving it. NB: Be sure to save it in a different location as once it's saved out of the Unity Modeler you will not be able to open it in your previously licensed Modeler. (Unity and UE4 trees are only able to be edited or modified with their respective Modelers).



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      Thank you for the clarification. I'll get in touch with our sales rep at IDV.