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Can i use unity speedtrees for ue4?

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  • Can i use unity speedtrees for ue4?

    If i decided to switch from unity3d to UE4, would i be able to easily convert my unity speedtrees to for use in UE4 speedtree modeler and UE4.
    (with everything working as it should)

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    Hey there,

    At this point, unfortunately, there's not a way to easily convert from Unity to UE4 trees. You can't open Unity trees in the UE4 Modeler, nor UE4 trees in the Unity Modeler. The best I can offer is a kind of workaround to keep the tree geometry.

    What you need to do is load up your Unity tree (in the Unity Modeler). Select all the geometry in the tree in the generator window. Shift-right click one of the selected generators (so that all the generators in the tree remain selected). Save the selected as a template. Open a new tree in the UE4 Modeler. Right click in the tree window and select "Add geometry to selected>From file..." and choose the template you saved out of the Unity Modeler. This will bring in your tree's geometry. Now it will be up to you to reassign all the materials. Obviously, it's not ideal. But it's better than having to remodel your whole tree.



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      Thanks! I'm really glad to hear that
      But let me clarify a couple of things; when using this method, will everything be kept the same (with exception of the materials and maybe meshes)... will i still be able to edit all the parameters the same as i did in the unity st modeller?


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        Yep, all you're parameters will be editable. It will essentially be as if you created the Model in UE4. However, this will only work with procedurally generated geometry. Your node edits and hand-drawn geometry will not transfer over.