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Meaning Of "Offset" in "Generation | Orientation" - part 2

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  • Meaning Of "Offset" in "Generation | Orientation" - part 2

    OK, please disregard my earlier post, as I think I might have figured out the meaning of "Offset."

    In my earlier post, I asked what is the purpose of the "Offset" setting within the "Generation | Orientation" parameter set. My question arose because value changes I would make to that setting appeared to have no effect on my tree models, and because there was a minor typo in the earlier documentation. It did dawn on me, after writing the first post, that "The computer angle..." was meant to read, "The computed angle..." - which promptly answered part of my question about variability in the setting. ( I see that this typo is now corrected in the most current version of the User Manual.)

    Now, after further experimentation, with all other parameters zeroed out, it appears to me that "Offset" is a value intended to modify the value of the Sweep parameter. Is this correct? Is the following description of the purposes of the following settings correct?

    In general, "Orientation" describes the distribution of child nodes on the spline of a parent node. (For example, the radial distribution of branches around a tree trunk.) The primary setting is termed "Sweep", and this describes the distribution of branches around the circumference of a tree trunk, or the distribution of secondary branches or leaves around the central axis of the primary branches. Changes in values for this setting create a "??" degree change in the radial orientation of the child nodes around the axis of the "Z" node of the parent node.

    (I'm having a little difficulty understanding what degree of change is created by each amount of integer change in value for this setting, since it seems to differ, based upon some other parameter settings. Can you clarify this part for me?)

    The secondary setting seems to be "Offset", and the value of this parameter modifies the value of the "Sweep" setting. Is this correct, or am I completely off base? Could you provide a plain language description of Sweep and Offset? ("Roll" seems quite apparent.)

    Thanks, guys!

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    I admit this is difficult to grasp so here goes. Let's consider level 1 branches growing off the trunk. Each branch is created at some point along the trunk and at some angle around it. The properties in the "orientation" govern those angles. If you don't check "balanced" they are random. "Sweep" describes how much of the possible 360 degrees around the trunk is eligible to have branches in it. "Roll" spins this region around the trunk. "Offset" is how much random variation is applied to each branch.

    So, in general "sweep" is 1.0 unless you want to limit where children can grow. "Offset" is used to jumble up branch orientations to keep them from looking too regular.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you very much, Michael. Your explanation is very clear - very clearly written.
      It may be that the presentation of the UI could be changed a bit to make the notion more intuitive. For example, if "Offset" were positioned below both "Sweep" and "Roll," it would help to convey the notion that "Offset" is a modifier of "Sweep" and of "Roll" (apparently).

      This explanation is a vast help. It resolves an issue of mine in creating tree branches - that is, it makes some things easier to accomplish that I was having to use many other, lover-level settings to accomplish.
      Thanks again!